v1.4 - last updated on 13/01/2020

We are a remote by default team where people need to work without missing out.

For that purpose:

  • We use asynchronous communication as a start.
  • We write everything down.
  • We use Slack for all internal communications.
  • We only jump to a synchronous video call if needed.
  • All written communication and video recordings happens in English.

We define our goals as Epics. Epics are a set of tasks defined to fulfil our goals and duties. We review and plan our Epics on a monthly basis during Epics Review and Planning sessions.

We split our work into tasks that are scheduled in weekly sprints. During a sprint, we agree to complete certain tasks within a week. We review and plan our sprints on a weekly basis during the Sprint Review and Planning sessions. We should stick to the weekly occurrence of these sessions even if it means dragging tasks into the next sprint. However, we should question the relevance of a task, if it were to be dragged from sprint to sprint repeatedly.

By default, we use Epics and Sprints across all company sections and projects. Weekly and monthly deadlines enable us to keep track of time. This way, we avoid stretching elementary tasks over time and we’re compelled to monitor our progress towards our reaching goals.

Company-wide information sharing.
Everyone should be able to have an insight on what’s happening in every company project or section. Therefore, weekly and monthly loom videos will be shared inside every section and project channels on Slack with Sprint and Epics Review and Planning sessions recap. Furthermore everyone should be able to speak his mind for any matter by submitting suggestions for any project or section. Requests will be reviewed by the project/section manager and discussed on a weekly basis to possibly make it to the sprint planning.

As a Team.
  • We agree to have conversations and to start them as early as possible.
  • We agree to be punctual for deadlines and meetings.
  • We agree to make & work on commitments as a team.
  • We agree to ask for help, or conversely - to volunteer to help.
  • We agree to review our processes and make changes as necessary.
  • We agree to speak out our opinion.
  • We agree to be transparent.
  • We agree to “play along” by the present handbook.

Work Hours.
Meetings exlcuded, we're free to choose working hours as long as things get done and deadlines are met.


This handbook is subject to constant evolution. Team members will be notified when changes are made. Feel free to suggest improvements & clarifications.