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Feedback Loop

Build the right thing.

We explore problems with emphathy towards the final user and we creatively test assumptions through iterative feedback loops to learn our way to the right solution.

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Example Project

Product Backlog
As a User I would like to share a video of my choice on social media
As a Site Administrator I want to view web analytics reporting of site engagement so that I can provide feedback to Content Producers
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As a User I want to filter through a collection of videos
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In Progress
Paginate HTTP requests on the front-end in batches of 10
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To Review
As a User I would like to browse a collection of videos at so that I can oversee what content is available
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Register the app in the Google Developers Console and obtain a Client ID and Key
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Build the thing right.

Agile principles define how we work together and how we create dynamic solutions that can scale and adapt to change.

How we work

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Web & Mobile Apps.

From a creative minimum viable product to a fully functioning product, we design, prototype, and develop custom & cutting edge web and mobile applications.

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Landing Pages.

We build intelligent, targeted, and scalable landing pages that provide valuable insight to learn and understand your customers.

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We enable anyone to kick-start, grow and maintain a professional online store to sell anything without hustle and with an efficient and low-risk approach.

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Marketing Campaigns.

We run digital marketing campaigns based on information rather than gut feeling. Marketing is a trial error game. The more you test the faster you can figure out your growth plan.

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